Tram Times Edinburgh

The ultimate companion for travelling on Edinburgh Trams. This simple, easy-to-use application gets you tram stop departure times quickly and easily at your fingertips. Real time data (where available) shows you up to the minute information about your tram, and you can even set notifications to remind you when a tram is departing. Pin the stops you use the most to your start screen and view departure times without even having to open the application!


How Can I Get Tram Times?

Tram Times Edinburgh is available for devices running Windows 10 and is available from the Windows Store. Click on the badge below to open the store.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important. Tram Times Edinburgh uses your device Internet connection to connect with several services to provide features but only tram stop information is transmitted to these services. Your device can use your location if you give permission to determine nearby stops but this personal information never leaves your device.